Meet the Team

All of the team are passionate volunteers that love celebrancy and all want to give couples the ultimate choice!

Penny Boycott


Penelope Jayne

My Name is Penny from Penelope Jayne and I truly have one of the most incredible jobs in the world.
As an Ex-registrar I was fed up of seeing so many couples being squeezed into awkward boxes. No one size fits all and each couple have their own unique journey and story to tell.
I decided to throw away the box and embrace everything weddings should be!
As an Independent Celebrant I have the freedom to offer couples ways to make their days totally unique to them. No ridiculous red tape, no unnecessarily strict rules and certainly way more fun!
And it’s about time that ALL couples were all treated fairly too. This is why I am a volunteer for the GCCM. The marriage reform will enable every couple, without restriction to have their ceremony legally recognised by law, despite location, officiant or content. 

Helen Jubb


Helen Jubb Ceremonies

Hey, I’m Helen, the face of Helen Jubb Ceremonies.
I had the most amazing celebrant-led ceremony 6 years ago after we fell in love with an unlicensed venue. Not only was it one of the best days of my life but it made me realise my background in journalism and teaching, plus my love of a wedding, were a winning formula to become an Independent Celebrant and help create mega memories for other couples!
Along with my GCCM colleagues, I want ALL couples to have the CHOICE of where and how they legally marry. Celebrant ceremonies are deeply personal to each couple, full of fun, laughter and love – the perfect start to their perfect day and marriage.

Nikki Wood


Perfect Words Ceremonies

Hi, I’m Nikki, from Perfect Words Ceremonies and I am so fortunate to be doing a job that I truly love. Working with couples to create their memorable, bespoke ceremony that reflects their beliefs, values and personalities is such a joy and a privilege. Every ceremony is unique and is entirely couple led and I enjoy every moment of the journey with my couples to their big day.

Couples should have the freedom to choose a location for their legal wedding ceremony that means something to them. The venues where I have been fortunate to have delivered wedding ceremonies are so varied; ranging from licensed wedding venues, to fields with lakes, stunning woodlands and private gardens and that is how it should be, couples should not be restricted to licensed areas.

I am a proud and passionate member of the Give Couples Choice Movement and I strongly believe that all couples should have the choice of a legal wedding ceremony that is meaningful to them. It’s time the outdated marriage laws were updated to serve all couples and it is therefore essential that Independent Celebrants are included in marriage law reform so that couples have choice in the content of their legal wedding ceremony, who delivers it and where it is held.

Jennifer Constant


Director, Academy of Modern Celebrancy, The Celebrant Directory and Celebrant Business Growth Coach

Since 2010, I’ve been officiating weddings for couples across the UK and Europe and it’s been a privilege to be part of their journey and create dream ceremonies time and time again.

As the Founder of The Celebrant Directory and The Academy of Modern Celebrancy alongside being the Celebrant Business Growth Coach, I am passionate about not only ensuring couples get the choice they deserve but also protecting thousands of celebrant business across the country that will be affected if celebrants are not recognised in the law reform.

This is 2021. Couples deserve choice and diversity celebrated as standard. It is essential this law reform brings change and it’s our collective responsibility as celebrant and industry leaders to ensure this happens.

Tracey Hammond

Boho Ceremonies

Hi I’m Tracy from Boho Ceremonies and I’m an Independent Celebrant.

Although I haven’t been a celebrant as long as some members of the group, I really wanted to get involved with the Give Couples Choice Movement because I’ve found it so frustrating in the area that I live how little is known about us and the choices that we offer couples to create fabulous wedding ceremonies.

I also firmly believe that these fabulous ceremonies should be recognised legally, and that a change in the marriage law is not just a little overdue, it’s totally 19th Century! It’s time it was brought bang up to date, and here at GCCM we are determined to raise as much awareness as possible about it. It’s time all couples were given a choice!

Miranda Ash

Celebrations For All – Miranda Ash, Independent Celebrant

I’ve been an Independent Celebrant for almost a decade. I became a celebrant because I wanted to use my creative skills in an imaginative way and recognise the value of honouring and celebrating the rites of passage that help form the rich tapestry of our lives. I’m also a huge advocate for marriage reform so that ALL couples have the freedom of choice to determine how they get married without restrictions!

Hazel Marie Walsh

Hazel the Rainbow Celebrant

Hey, I’m Hazel and I’m known as The Rainbow Celebrant. As an Independent Celebrant I truly have the best job in the world and I love helping couples to have a wedding ceremony that feels authentically them. I work with modern and often alternative couples who want to break tradition and create a wedding ceremony that is truly unique.

The archaic marriage laws in the U.K. mean that many modern couples can’t have the wedding they desire as part of a legal ceremony, as church services and registrars aren’t able to create a one of a kind ceremony for every couple and come up with ideas that truly break the mould.

I joined and support the GCCM on behalf of my couples as I truly believe that our marriage laws need to be updated so that all couples can choose when, where, how and by whom they are legally married. Every couple deserves to have the wedding they want and for that wedding to be legally binding.

Toni Frost

Esquiress Ceremonies UK

I am Toni, having previously worked in the public sector for many years I am now proud to be an Independent Celebrant. A Celebrant that creates personal Vows and Ceremonies and officiates for couples seeking a wedding day that tells their own true love story and values whatever that may be. 

I feel very strongly that ALL couples are given the choice to have the day that they dream of. A day that can include any aspects of their personal, traditional and cultural values, whether that be religious, spiritual or even non of the above. 

A beautiful, no restrictions legal wedding day with an officiant of their choice.

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