How to discuss Marriage Law Reform with your MP

If you attended our October Online Conference you will have heard our session on WHY and HOW to write to your MP about Marriage Law reform.

We’ve made the presentation slides available to you here as a guide together with a template you can adapt when you write to your MP.

The goal of writing to your MP is to raise awareness of the nuances of marriage reform that must include ALL celebrants – both Independent and Humanist. Feedback from many celebrants who have written to their MP suggests that most MPs presume that all celebrants are Humanist.

Educating MPs about this nuance is not easily done in a letter. We encourage you to ask to meet with your MP either on the phone/Zoom or in person so that you can help your representative understand the complexities of marriage reform and their impact on you as a celebrant and freedom of choice for your couples.

We’ve prepared some talking points to help guide your conversation.

Some of the GCCM volunteer team have already met with MPs and can offer you support and guidance. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions.