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In this blog, the Give Couples Choice Movement discuss the impact of the ongoing weddings law review and explain how we can all get involved in campaigning for change!

For some years now, many people in the wedding industry have been campaigning for greater choice when it comes to how and where couples may legally marry in England and Wales. Thankfully, a review into these outdated wedding laws was commissioned by the Government in 2018, and since then the Law Commission has produced some excellent recommendations for change. But it’s not a forgone conclusion – the review has not yet reached its final stage, and there is still no guarantee that the Government will accept the recommendations when the time comes.

In response to this, the Give Couples Choice Movement (GCCM) was formed by a group of Independent Celebrant volunteers with the purpose of generating support and enthusiasm from celebrants, couples and wedding industry suppliers to champion fairness and choice for all couples in legal wedding ceremonies. Independent Celebrants are well represented by the Wedding Celebrancy Commission, however couples and the wedding industry will also play a key role in keeping up pressure for a change in the law to take place.